Don't have a gym membership? Short on time? Michelle provides a mobile personal training service to conveniently fit your lifestyle. Offering workouts tailored specifically for women of all fitness levels ( including pre/post natal clients), Michelle helps her clients to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle. 

Exercise and fitness should be designed to fit your needs. I pride myself on taking the time to really get to know each of my clients so that I can design a personalised plan to match your goals which you will thoroughly enjoy. If you are ready to start your journey to improved fitness and a healthier lifestyle then contact me today to book your free consultation.



£40 per session. (Late cancellation fee in operation.)


Block of 4 sessions. £150


Block of 12 sessions. £420

Includes a free gift.

* All payment options include a free consultation with health, posture and movement assessment, plus a 7-day food diary analysis *

3 years of joyous weekly dance classes ( Fitsteps) with Michelle has culminated in 9 weeks of 1:1 PT and I have nothing but good things to say about her training techniques and approach. She is always so lovely and upbeat- patient too! Michelle is very thorough, the program has been personalised to my needs and she is so invested in my progress. I feel fitter, stronger, more functionally efficient, I've lost both weight and inches, my running is easier as a result and I've really enjoyed the sessions ( she makes them fun as well as pushing me to my sensible limits, and she changes things up all the time so no chance of getting bored so my motivation has stayed strong.) Thank you Michelle, you are really good at what you do and what I lacked in technique and focus, you have turned all that around so I am delighted- and wearing summer shorts is no longer a stressful event!

Ali T

I had reached a stage where lockdown and the summer had put on about 2 stone and being a person with MS, this was extra weight that was doing my symptoms a lot of harm. I'm pleased to say that Michelle's PT sessions have enabled me to lose that weight and drop a dress size but more importantly build my strength and fitness levels to a point where I am ready to take on even more. My symptoms have decreased and I've even dropped 2 prescriptions that I didn't feel were giving me any benefit. I'm now planning how I can extend my fitness regime in 2021 and I know Michelle will be there with me every step of the way.


Michelle has been my personal trainer for 6 months now. She motivates me and is always there to give me support. She has helped me with my fitness levels and makes the routines fun and effective. I would definitely recommend Michelle, she's a lovely lady and always a phone call away if I need her.


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