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Fun and cheap ways to stay active at home

Updated: May 23, 2020

Are you struggling to stay active at home? We all know that exercise gives you more energy and can improve your mood. And looking after your body and mind is crucial during this difficult time.

But it can be hard to stay motivated when you’re stuck inside. It can be easy to make excuses – convincing yourself that you don’t have the right equipment or the room.

You may not be able to replace the social side of attending your favourite fitness class, but you don’t always need the gym or exercise equipment to stay active – just a little creative thinking.

Here are a few ideas to help recreate that feeling you get after a workout in the gym or exercise class…

Become your own DJ

Everyone has a genre of music or band they love, so stick on your favourite songs and get dancing - whether you’re on your own in your kitchen or in the living room with your children! Who doesn't love a game of musical statues?! Dance is a great way to lift spirits and put a smile on your face.

Revisit old favourites

It’s amazing what you’ll find in the depths of your loft or the back of the cupboard. Maybe now is the time to dust off the hula hoop in the shed! Old toys like this are a great way to burn calories, work your core muscles, improve your cardiovascular fitness and improve your balance. Why not make it into a competition with family and friends?

Get competitive

Invent or play games with the family. My sister is a master at creating fun games to keep her two boys entertained; turning the garden into a speedway track or obstacle course with different challenges. The last time my nephews came to visit me, the floor was lava and we had to find ways to move around without touching the floor. Not an easy task…and it gets the heart rate up!

Plan circuit training with a difference!

If you enjoy more structured exercise, then try creating your own circuit workout using what you have in your house – try chair squats, triceps dips on a chair, wall sits, step-ups on the stairs, jumping jacks, water bottle weights, the list goes on! It’s not about the space you have, it’s how you use it.

These are just a few ideas you could try to help you stay fit, healthy and happy, even if you’re stuck inside. If it is an enjoyable experience then you are more likely to stick with it, and you can develop it further as you go. Let's make fitness fun!

If you are looking for a little inspiration, head to my instagram page to see clips of my workouts.

Swiss ball, dumbbell and mat for home workout.

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